The British government has imposed a number of cuts to our welfare system under the guise of stemming an ever-increasing financial deficit. This shortsighted solution has instead stemmed the UK’s cultural progress, social empathy and economic mobility. I feel we have taken a cerebral step backwards. Those that need the most help seem to be suffering the greater pain.

With this opinion in mind I started making images for Spikes in the Spring of 2013. I collected flowers and fauna breaking through the pavement in Brighton and crushed them into large format film. After a week I’d shine a little blue light onto them before developing and scanning the negative.

I didn’t want to create images that prompted pity or shame, or even anger. I wanted to make images that projected the potential that everyone has, regardless of their situation and financial status. The current Government is failing in their duty to protect and encourage their citizens by favouring corporation over community. A long winded campaign of necessary economic austerity has diminished public compassion and enhanced a growing negative opinion of the welfare state.

Simply making things harder for those that need the most help is counterproductive. Fiscally it will dig a deeper hole in the public purse by intensifying the problems surrounding financial hardship. Socially it will further segregate an already disparate population. My images will not instigate social reform or change public opinion in any small way. It’s just my way of expressing a counter narrative.

2013 - 2015
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