V Festival MTV Stage



Huge thanks go to the wonderful PR group Cake and the equally wonderful photographer James McCauley for securing me some work at this years V Festival. The sun shined throughout the first day (mostly) which led to some wonderful photographs of Olly Murs. Kasabien, Sam Smith, the general ambiance and attendees.


Olly Murs at V Festival 2015
Olly Murs at V Festival 2015

Olly Murs gesturing at his predominantly female fan base.

Kasabien at V Festival 2015

Tom Meighan of Kasabien in a groovy bit of screen printed denim.

Sam Smith at V Festival 2015

Sam Smith letting the V Festival crowd do the work. Lazy.

Steve Jones at V Festival 2015

Welsh legend Steve Jones made mention of Scotland's ability in the Rugby World Cup. I will mention his beautiful wife.

Imelda May at V Festival 2015

Imelda May miming a tray.

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