I enjoyed filming and editing this short film which highlights the work of doctoral research student and producer Nicolette Fox who is looking at ‘pro-using’ - producing and using - renewable energy in UK households.

Her research particularly focuses on how pro-using impacts on day to day routines in householdsthat rely on pre-payment electricity meters using qualitative research to follow the solar journeys over four seasons of seven households vulnerable to fuel poverty.

Findings of the study indicate that social housing tenants, given solar PV panels by their landlord, became more engaged with energy and reduced their vulnerability to fuel poverty. They drew on a range of different strategies to use the free energy and reduce demand for power - in effect turning them into pro-users and a number into ‘pro-user savers’. The strategies deployed by the pro-user savers crossed DECC’s three areas of demand-side activity: energy reduction, energy response and distributed energy and could potentially help with the need to reduce peak demand in a transition to a low carbon energy system.


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Chris Rowland says...
This is a great video :), you should have told you made this! Can we use this at Ovesco and Community Energy South? Chris
4th February 2016 9:05pm
Willie Robb says...
Very kind Chris. I'll ask Nicollete the researcher. Shouldn't be a problem but best to check. Get back to you.
8th February 2016 4:30pm
Atlanta Cook says...
What a wonderful project! Did you and your 7 families know that Ecotricity is trying to tackle fuel poverty by offering g pre-paid meter users their lowest Tarrif? "Well they are the only people paying in advance for their electric!" Dale Vunce Ecotrcity CEO
21st November 2015 12:38pm
Willie Robb says...
Appreciate the advice Atlanta. I will pass the information on.
21st November 2015 12:49pm
ollie says...
How do we see the report? Looks interesting - Ollie BESN and Community Energy South :)
5th February 2016 2:41pm
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