The ferry from La Havre, France to Portsmouth in England. Part of the European Ferries photography series by Willie Robb. Taken at Fort Blockhouse in Gosport.

From La Havre, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, 2017



Huge thanks go to Maggie Boddon at the MOD in in Portsmouth for letting me photograph from Fort Blockhouse. And to Mick the security Supervisor for showing me around the labyrinthine site. Fort Blockhouse is an incredible location that has fifteenth century architecture at its core having been built just after the Hundred Years War. Unfortunately, and understandably my lens had to always be pointing outwards for the sake of military discretion.

The weather was clement to say the least which hampered any attempt at photographing the morning or afternoon ferries. As always persistence was key and I finally got this image of the Ferry arriving from La Havre at nine.


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