The Brittany ferry from Caen, France to Portsmouth in England. Part of the European Ferries photography series by Willie Robb.

From Caen, Hospital Lane, Portchester, 2017



This image was a slow burner. I rejected it initially on the basis that it was too minimal, a personal critique that has come to pass on several occasions throughout this project. Photographed from Portchester which is situated on the North edge of Portsmouth's natural harbour the ferry is barely visible.

My opinion was changed after re-reading the project's conceptual point. All the photographs from European Ferries are framed with the horizon directly bisecting the image. This approach could be perceived as naive. After all, the minute a student learns about the effects of parallax error he or she will make a series of photographs in much the same approach. My choice to photograph the ferries in this way was completely deliberate though.

For me the photographs consider horizons and our divisive cultural attitude towards them. This image of the ferry arriving from Caen, France couldn't conform to that visual expression more.