21/09/13 - 27/09/13

For all who missed the University of Brighton's Photography MA show, World 2013, here are a few of my highlights. Lisa Barnard has recently published Chateau Despair, a series of photographs taken inside the abandoned Conservative party headquarters. Barnard is a political artist that considers the future (and present state) of war technology including unmanned drones and virtual training.


Brighton MA Exhibition 2013 Brighton MA Exhibition 2013

I enjoyed Joy Stacey's The Tourist (above), a double screen video installation "exploring the relationship between Palestinian antiquity and cultural heritage..." There was an intentional lack of text throughout the exhibition so initially I took all of the work on face value. This reminded me of a silent 'Are you talking to me?' by Douglas Gordon.

Brighton MA Exhibition 2013 Brighton MA Exhibition 2013

When an MA student deliberately avoids conceptional intention it could be perceived as foolhardy and/or naïve. However, Fu-An Chen has made a successful body of work avoiding any academic forethought. Chen presents striking black and white images that come from daily life; a diaristic account or "expressive reflection" in the artist's own words.